Hello friends and welcome! 

I am Susanna, and I am a lover of "all things home", in particular coastal homes that are bight and breezy but also have that classic feel.  I was born in Italy and left when I was nine to travel the world with my family, I have been lucky enough to live in countries such as Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and now Australia. Travelling the world at such a young age really opened up my eyes to the big wide world, different cultures and how everyone decorated their homes differently....thus beginning my love affair with home interiors. 

I started my Instagram account @coastalhamptonstyle purely out of passion. I wanted to create a page that featured the very best in coastal and classic homes. A page where you could feel free to ask questions about interior decorating and meet other like-minded people!.

Why the name? well that's an easy question. I've always thought that homes in the Hamptons had the perfect combination of Coastal chic and timeless elegance.